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A Team Role Approach 2 #Christmas

In de nadagen van Kerst gaan we even het kanaal over naar onze collega's van Belbin UK en kijken we hoe ze dit jaar de teamrollen en het Kerstgebeuren benaderden. X-mas : het feest, het samen-zijn, de cadeautjes, de .... . Iedere teamrol heeft zo z'n eigen benadering, eigen beleving, eigen natuurlijk gedrag.

Plant (Plant PL) Most likely to buy or make amazing presents that will range from ingenious to completely useless. But they’re unlikely to wrap them – or remember where they put them. It’s not going to be your traditional Christmas dinner either – think tempeh instead of turkey, and muffins in place of mince pies.

Resource Investigator (Brononderzoeker BO) Always on the lookout for the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and ready to talk their way to an even better deal. May copy present ideas from others. Has too many Christmas dinner invitations to handle.

Co-ordinator (Voorzitter VZ) Delegates Christmas shopping to others. Has everyone fully deployed for Christmas day – the ‘best’ people on sprout duty, turkey basting and mince pies, and has arranged for Granny to be picked up. Now where’s that sherry…?

Shaper (Vormer VM)

The pressure of last-minute shopping on Christmas Eve. Goes in to town at 2pm and has it all done in a flash. They’ve got everyone ready to sit down to dinner at 12pm on the dot and they probably started the argument over Christmas dinner.

Monitor Evaluator (Monitor MO) Spends hours on comparison websites and reading reviews in order to make the best present choice. Definitely not one for the frivolous present, and may end up giving vouchers if they can’t decide.

Teamworker (Groepswerker GW) Worries over buying the right presents – afraid that they might choose the wrong thing and upset someone. Wants to make sure everyone has a lovely Christmas. Is great at diffusing the inevitable Christmas Day arguments and any stress over burnt poultry.

Implementer (Bedrijfsman BM) Organises Christmas shopping via spreadsheet and buys variations on a theme from last year, if they were successful. Has the turkey in the oven at 6am on the dot and knows the exact timings of everything needed to help the day run smoothly.

Completer Finisher (Zorgdrager ZD) Stays up until 3am on Christmas morning wrapping presents with the neatest corners, bows, ribbons – the works. The house is beautifully decorated, with details in every nook. Insists on doing all of Christmas lunch themselves, then collapses in a heap in the corner at the end of the day.

Specialist (Specialist SP) Has been researching the best method for the most crisp, yet fluffy roast potatoes possible for months and wants to tell you all about it. Don’t ask them about how to cook anything else though. Turkey? What turkey?

Bron:, door The Belbin Team UK

(thanks to Belbin UK & Interplace Nl)

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